The Inn

Delicious home-cooking

Open every day from 12 noon to 2pm and from 7pm to 10pm

Please note that dogs are not allowed inside the restaurant.


L'Auberge is one of those places where you feel good in an instant.

A veritable institution, the country restaurant of Les Sources de Cheverny is an invitation to discover the generosity of the Loire terroirin the warm setting of a modern inn.At the delicious time of lunch or dinner, a meal combining tradition and modernity is about to be served!

Inside the stone walls you’ll find a rotisserie grill, a superb fireplace and a magnificent open-plan kitchen unit dressed in white tiles: here, authentic culinary treasures rub shoulders with more contemporary gustatory pleasures. At this table of gourmets, the small dishes are tasted with the same delectation as the big ones. Because, as you know, we have a sense of showmanship and showmanship! The atmosphere is always good-natured and friendly, just like the mismatched tableware and solid wood tables that provide a traditional country ambiance.

As soon as the weather's fine, the terrace extends over the garden of the estatein the shade of the pergola, where you can enjoy the unique setting without feeling guilty.

The chef and his team are committed to work with local, fresh products, in harmony with the seasons and sublimate them in dishes full of life and emotion.

A real tour of the Loire Valley, sure to satisfy everyone's cravings: vegetables from a market gardener in Mont-Près-Chambord, strawberries from Sologne, Roi Rose de Touraine pork loin roasted over an open fire...

Here, authentic culinary treasures rub shoulders with more contemporary gustatory pleasures, instantly reconnecting with the forgotten treasures of the past. family cuisine.

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