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When the taste buds awaken, the doors of our restaurants open.

Welcome to the heart of the Loire Valley, between the ‘gardens of France’ and the Sologne forest. Les Sources de Cheverny will awaken your senses and make your tastebud tingle with its two restaurants: the Michelin-star restaurant Le Favori*, and the country-inn L'Auberge with its traditional cuisine.

To complete the experience, the most discerning wine lovers and oenophiles will appreciate meeting up in the warm and friendly atmosphere of the Bar de L'Auberge, to taste our best wines accompanied by a few dishes to share.

Le Favori

It's at the heart of Loire Valley, on the border of the gardens of France and the forest of Sologne, that Frédéric Calmels and his brigade take you on a journey for a Michelin-starred culinary journey. 

Like the entire dining room, which is open to nature, the Chef finds his inspiration in the wild, nourishing land that welcomes him. A cuisine in the respect of live beings, people and plants.


Authentic country inn our second restaurant is an invitation to discover a unique cuisine. generous cuisinefine, clean lines in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are dedicated to using local, seasonal and fresh ingredients and showcasing them in vibrant dishes full of joy and emotion.
Working in close partnership with Mother Nature, between the Sologne forest and the gardens of the Loire Valley, we strive to use the products of the local area in all our dishes.


Located in the former cellar of the estate, the bar of the Auberge is a colourful and multi-faceted place, just like the Romorantin vines that ripen their grapes in the sun on the other side of the estate.


Looking for a light meal in the afternoon? Delicious snacks are served every day from 2pm to 7pm at L'Auberge.

Each Saturday from 4.30pm to 6pm, let yourself be tempted by our Tea Time at L'Auberge, with cakes, cookies, madeleines and seasonal fruit on the menu to delight you.


Collect special memories by savouring a gourmet picnic carefully prepared by our Chef for lunch.

Sit back and enjoy the fresh air as you explore our region. A delicious outdoor break that combines exquisite flavours and enchanting landscapes.

50 euros/pers.

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