The Favourite - see you on 2 September

On September 1, 2020, the Sources de Cheverny opened its doors with the aim of offering a high-end hotel experiencenature-oriented and part of a sustainable approach.

For the past year, the Head Frédéric Calmels tastes, prepares and refines an exceptional menu inspired by the richness of our soil: between the Loire Valley and the Sologne forest.

Le Favori in turn opens the Next 2 September. On this occasion, we would like to tell you more about what is behind this beautiful project!

First of all, where does it get its name?

Le Favori is a nod to the region that hosts it. In this land full of history and designed by the most beautiful castlesThe Favori stands majestically in the heart of our domain like its namesake, and king's favouritestood proudly in the court.

A nod also to this wine country which exclusively houses the Romorantin, the favourite grape variety of François I and his mother Louise of Savoy. 

What is the atmosphere in this brand new gastronomic restaurant?

The restaurant room is fully equipped with open to nature.

Inside, the wood is mastered and gives way to a panoramic view on the estate's gardens, flower meadows and natural ponds. Like a green picture that we are invited to contemplate. The clean, soft lines of the oak that surrounds us, married to the velvet comforting armchairs invite you to take a seat and let time take its course a dinner.

On the table, the minerality and the uneven shapes of the objects contrast and create a harmonious and peaceful unity.

To complete the experience, we enjoy the precious nectars of the Loire Valley proposed by the Head Sommelier Thibault Delpont from his tasting organ.

What about the plate?

Frédéric draws his inspiration from this wild and nourishing land who receives it. A cuisine that respects the living, the human and the vegetable.

On the plate, the Chef highlights vegetables which are joined by rare herbs and spices. His dishes are accompanied by fish and game meticulously chosen in the Great Western France.

An address where the good, the beautiful and the local are deliciously combined and that we are eager to discover!

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