• The art of tasting

    - 23 July 2024

    L’art de la dégustation : les six règles d’or à connaître pour savoir apprécier un vin Aux Sources de Cheverny, notre philosophie est d’utiliser la richesse naturelle de la vigne et du raisin pour offrir à nos clients une expérience unique en totale ha …

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  • Floating island recipe

    - 10 July 2024

    Let yourself be tempted by a new version of Ile Flottante, the classic dessert of French cuisine. Chef Frédéric Calmels offers you a recipe with honey flavoured with yellow lemon. Serves 4 Custard: Ingredients: Milk 160 ...

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  • From castle to castle

    - 4 July 2024

    The area around Les Sources de Cheverny is full of exceptional châteaux and gardens. This is your chance to discover France's heritage. BETWEEN VINES AND HISTORYLocated in the middle of the vineyards, five minutes from Les Sources de Cheverny, nestles the Ch ...

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  • 48 hours at Les Sources de Cheverny

    - 25 June 2024

    Day 7pmBreakfast to match your desiresOpen your eyes and feel the energy of the forest that will accompany you during your stay.In this bucolic setting, start the day with a gourmet breakfast at L'Auberge restaurant. A ...

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  • Portrait of our Head of Reception

    - 20 June 2024

    A day in the life of a receptionist From your arrival to your departure, Lucile Colliou does everything she can to ensure that your stay lives up to your expectations. At Les Sources de Cheverny, Lucile is always close to the reception desk ...

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  • Our well-being activities

    - 16 May 2024

    At the heart of our two family homes, Les Sources de Cheverny and Les Sources de Caudalie, well-being takes on its full meaning through a multitude of activities to help you find absolute relaxation and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you're ...

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  • A 5-day itinerary for a successful trip

    - 3 May 2024

    Our Hôtel du Vignoble Collection now includes two cosy settings in the heart of the French vineyards. These establishments have been designed by Alice and Jérôme Tourbier as an invitation to rest, contemplation and epicurean delights. We ...

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  • Our bees at the heart of our ecosystem

    - 30 April 2024

    In the heart of the Sources de Cheverny estate, the gardens and orchards are buzzing with the sound of bees. Our bees are coming out again - spring has arrived! These precious workers, who play a crucial role in our ecosystem, ...

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  • The healing power of trees

    - 16 April 2024

    In the relentless hustle and bustle of our modern lives, where the noise of technology and the hectic pace of our diaries often dominate our daily lives, it's easy to lose touch with the soothing nature that surrounds us. However, a practice ...

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