From castle to castle

The area around Les Sources de Cheverny is abundant with exceptional castles and gardens, offering an opportunity to explore French heritage.

Nestled among the vineyards and a mere five minutes from Les Sources de Cheverny, Château de Troussay stands proudly. Though it is the smallest of the Loire châteaux, its charm is undeniable. Enter its doors to explore the lavish, fully furnished interiors. Outside, meander through the serene paths of its English-style park, beneath the canopy of ancient trees, offering a retreat from time. Make sure to visit the charming outbuildings, home to a museum focused on agricultural and viticultural heritage. Conclude with a tasting tour, a journey through the nuances of French lifestyle, enriched by tasting and regional specialties.

The Royal Château de Blois, a favoured residence of the kings of France and a historic monument since 1845, echoes the destinies of seven kings and ten queens who stayed there, each leaving their mark. Fascinating for its history, the building dazzles with its architectural diversity. Medieval, Gothic, and classical styles blend into a remarkable ensemble that traces major epochs of French architecture. The famous staircase in the François I wing is a perfect illustration of this, with its open design once allowing onlookers to admire the sovereign ascending the steps.

As a true testament to French art de vivre, Château de Villandry stands as the last of the great noble residences, built during the Renaissance in the Loire Valley. Globally renowned, the estate is distinguished by the richness and splendour of its French gardens, redesigned by Joachim Carvallo. Combining tradition and innovation, each garden invites hours of contemplation and wonder. From the vegetable patches to the Labyrinth inspired by the one conceived by Daedalus for the Minotaur through the Herb Garden, Water Garden, Sun Garden, and Ornamental Garden, visitors travel through colourful worlds that bring enchanting atmospheres with each season.

Recognized as one of the oldest in the Loire, the Château du Rivau, listed as a historic monument since 1914, is a medieval heritage treasure with its fortress, moat, dungeon, and drawbridge. Not to be missed are the renowned Renaissance royal stables, revealing the history and evolution of equestrian art under the glorious reign of King François I.

Outside, a nearly theatrical scenography enhances your visit. Inspired by marvellous medieval legends, its fifteen “Remarkable Garden” classified plant settings transport visitors to a fairy-tale universe. Here and there, contemporary artworks and sculptures converse with the botanical scenes nature offers.

Dive into the history of France by exploring the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire, formerly owned by Queen Catherine de Medici and then by King Henri II's favourite, Diane de Poitiers. Besides its sublime 15th-century chateau overlooking the Loire, the estate boasts a 32 hectare expanse of greenery renowned for its “Remarkable Garden” labelled parks. Every year from April to November, the International Garden Festival takes place here, offering art and nature enthusiasts moments conducive to dreaming. The 2024 edition will feature various poetic interpretations of the garden as a “source of life”.

Source: Les Sources 2024 magazine

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