Le Favori

Gourmet restaurant

Wednesday - Sunday evenings 7.30-9.30pm
Saturday & Sunday lunchtime 12:30-13:45

For our gastronomic restaurant, proper attire is required. Please note that dogs are not allowed in the restaurant.

Seize the moment and let your senses guide you

Welcome to the heart of the Loire Valley on the border of the gardens of France and the Sologne forest. Our restaurant Le Favori stands majestically in the heart of the estate like his namesake at court in this region designed by the Châteaux.
In direct contact with nature, both wild and cultivated, between forest and garden, the culinary and sensory proposal is touching.

Chief Frédéric Calmels has created his own universe here.

In osmosis with the men of the earth, gatherers, breeders, fishermen, craftsmen and artists of the territory, we give priority to well-being, respect for people and natureIn a quest for meaning and self-improvement. Vegetables and mushrooms sublimated by herbs, plants and spices are at the heart of the compositions, fish and game being the extension of it.

The kitchen is pure, slender, complex, with an apparent simplicity. In this soothing and inspiring setting, harmony and balance reign. The personality is asserted, with controlled risk-taking, a dancing acidity, deep sauces and juices, giving relief to the compositions.

Our Maître d'hôtel, Tristan Rabache, and our sommelier team are committed to orchestrate a unique experience for you. culinary and wine journeyexpressing the soul of the house and the vibrations of the moment.

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