Portrait of our Head of Reception

A day in the life of a reception manager

From arrival to departure, Lucile Colliou ensures your stay exceeds expecations.

At Les Sources de Cheverny, Lucile is always close to the counter in the reception lobby. "It's the heart of the House where we welcome our guests in a very warm atmosphere, but it's also my place of work."

Having joined as the Reception Manager two years ago, 36-year-old Lucile from Touraine, with her background in business and customer relations, quickly became an essential asset at Cheverny. “We are the first faces our guests see and the first voices they hear, which is why my team and I make sure they feel comfortable right away.”

Lucile, known for her kindness and empathy, oversees a team including five receptionists, three butlers, two porters, and two reservation agents. “Our reception operates non-stop, 24/7, making its management both unique and thrilling.”

Lucile’s days are filled with staff meetings, guest check-ins, room escorts, and managing departures, adjusting to the ever-changing pace of the hotel that, like any, faces unexpected challenges. “I particularly enjoy handling special guest requests and solving unusual situations,” she says with a smile.

Prioritizing respect and service improvement, Lucile is always open to conversation. “Having worked as an assistant manager in two upscale hotels in the Canary Islands, I am fluent in Spanish, English, and German. Interacting with people from various nationalities enriches my daily personal and professional life.”

Source : Les Sources 2024 magazine

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