Cultivating well-being in-house: our initiatives

In an ever-changing professional world, where employee well-being has become a major issue, the Les Sources group strives to provide the most fulfilling working environment possible for all its employees. From ongoing training to the organization of work schedules and employee recognition, every aspect is meticulously thought through to create an atmosphere conducive to professional and personal fulfillment.

Continuing education and employee development: La Source Académie

Investing in the professional development of our employees is a priority for us. Thanks to La Source Académie, an initiative dedicated to ongoing training, teams benefit throughout the year from external training courses leading to certification, as well as tailor-made in-house sessions. This approach enables everyone to hone their skills and explore new learning opportunities, thus contributing to their professional fulfillment. Everyone can be a trainer or a learner. It's the perfect way to train the sourcers of today and tomorrow!

La Sources Académie also embodies a vision where technical skills blend harmoniously with the human qualities essential to the luxury professions. Alice and Jérôme Tourbier, founders of Les Sources, have established a corporate culture where kindness, generosity and a sense of service are valued. Through the Académie, they offer employees the opportunity to develop these qualities, creating a harmonious and friendly working environment.

An exceptional working environment

In addition to the training aspect, Les Sources de Caudalie and Les Sources de Cheverny make a point of offering an exceptional working environment. Nestled in the heart of nature and vineyards, the establishments invite you to relax and contemplate, offering a true interlude to all those who pass through their doors. This immersion in a natural environment not only fosters productivity and creativity, but also contributes to the mental and physical well-being of employees.

Professional and gender equality

Beyond its idyllic setting, Les Sources is also committed to professional equality. With indexes of 80 and 94 out of 100 respectively for Les Sources de Cheverny and Les Sources de Caudalie in the calculation of the gender equality index, we wish to demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion. This recognition testifies to our commitment to creating an equitable working environment where everyone can flourish.

Group-wide employee benefits

We also firmly believe in the importance of recognizing and rewarding the commitment and dedication of our employees. That's why we offer a range of exclusive benefits.

To begin with, every confirmed employee on a permanent contract has the opportunity to enjoy a night at either Les Sources de Cheverny or Les Sources de Caudalie, depending on their place of work. This getaway allows them to soak up the unique atmosphere and recharge their batteries in a prestigious setting. Our employees also benefit from a 10% discount on their overall bill when dining in one of our restaurants, as well as a 15% reduction on Spa treatments.

Finally, we believe in the power of recommendation. Our employees are our best ambassadors, which is why we reward referrals. If an employee successfully recommends an acquaintance for a vacancy in one of our hotels, he or she will receive an invitation for two to one of our restaurants. This initiative encourages collaboration and strengthens bonds within our teams.

From ongoing training to workplace design and employee recognition, every initiative is designed to create an atmosphere conducive to professional and personal fulfillment. Our commitment to equality in the workplace and our inclusive working environment embody our core values of generosity, excellence and sincerity.

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