Our practices to reduce the use of plastic in our hotels

In an era where environmental consciousness is increasingly paramount, it is imperative for us to reconsider our consumption patterns and embrace a more thoughtful approach. Within our homes, we have implemented initiatives aimed at minimizing our plastic footprint while providing an exceptional experience to our guests.


Upon entering our rooms, guests are greeted with eco-friendly amenities. The bathroom, in particular, has undergone a significant transformation. The range of body care products, including shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, is now presented in large recyclable and recycled plastic pump bottles that can be refilled. This solution extends the packaging lifespan while minimizing its environmental impact.

Another noteworthy advancement is the promotion of zero packaging in our hotels. Where possible, plastic packaging is completely eliminated, and if necessary, environmentally friendly alternatives such as recycled paper or cornstarch are preferred. This approach applies not only to in-room care products but also to logo-branded items in the shop, contributing to an overall reduction in plastic waste.

Beyond our own efforts as an establishment, we seek to inspire our guests to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle during their stay. We implement initiatives to raise awareness among our clients about the benefits of responsible consumption and encourage them to incorporate these practices into their daily lives, even within our establishment.


Did you know?

Plastic, far from dissipating, has an incredible tendency to travel. Used briefly, a plastic bag can embark on a worldwide journey, carried by the wind and guided by sewers to its favorite destination: the ocean.

Have you realized that, since the beginning of reading this article, 1 million plastic bottles have found buyers worldwide?

Beyond the impact on landscapes, plastic poses a threat to marine biodiversity. Over 90% of birds have already ingested plastic, severely affecting their health. Turtles, mistaking plastic bags for jellyfish, can swallow them, leading to fatal consequences. In total, 700 marine species are threatened by plastic.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry reminds us that "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." This quote underscores the importance of preserving our planet for future generations, a call to environmental responsibility that resonates particularly in the context of plastic management and its impacts on our earth.

By reducing the use of plastic in our hotels, we actively contribute to environmental preservation. These actions are not limited to internal initiatives but also aim to make our guests aware of the detrimental consequences of plastic on the planet. By adopting eco-friendly practices, we hope to encourage collective awareness and inspire other establishments to follow our example.

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