Your Hidden Gate to the Loire Valley Castles: Les Sources de Cheverny


During the Hundred’s Years War, the French royal court was expelled from Paris and had to relocate somewhere with fertile breeding grounds and where the court could settle down week by week.Over the course of hundreds of years, these “homes away from homes” blossomed into the architectural splendors that are the Loire Valley Castles.


Located at the crossroads of the Loire Valley most iconic castles, nestled in these very pastures bursting with history, is your home away from home: Les Sources de Cheverny. This five-star domain is born from Alice and Jérôme Tourbier’s unfading fervor to create a sanctuary bathed in quiescence, elegance and indulgence.


The comfort of authentic luxury


Sowed across the domain’s bountiful nature and vineyards resides a hamlet of luxurious cottages and stone houses towered by the centuries-old Breuil Château. Each of the rooms and suites have all been thoughtfully adorned with a perfect blend of bohemian antiques and contemporary lines for an utmost romantic atmosphere. Footsteps away stand acres and acres of billowing willow, elm and oak trees, bluebells and grass lilies nuzzled in the meadow grass or by the riverbank.


Different castles


It is alongside that very river, the Loire river, that countless châteaux have bloomed throughout centuries to become the majestic jewels of the French Renaissance. Everything has been thought out to take the load of your mind and grant you special access to the Loire Valley castles’ culture: bike rides, guided château tours, even hot-air balloons, anything you may need to take in the stupendousness of the castles, their gardens and the Loire region’s breathtaking beauty.


Surrounded by art


The dedicated concierge is here to guide you through the gardens of Villandry, the Blois Château, the Chambord Château and its staircases built by none other than Leonardo Da Vinci himself.

Rumor has it that Da Vinci traveled from Italy to the Loire valley by donkey with all its most precious possessions, including a little scribble we now know as the Mona Lisa. Marvel at the Azay-Le-Rideau Château and its water mirror. Mesmerize at Chenonceau Château and its checkered ballroom built crossing the Loire river itself - and its infamous female royalty rivalry history!


About vineyards...


Wait - have we not mentioned wine yet? How could we possibly not, given that the Loire Valley is internationally known for its exceptional Muscadet and Saumur wine, alongside our very own Romorantin organic and sustainable white wine, produced in seven acres of our own vineyards. The domain’s Michelin star restaurant, “Le Favori” has a wine-bar where sommeliers will be expecting you for a wine-tasting session for your palate to get a sense of what centuries-old expertise and vineyards taste like.


The Loire Valley vineyards are also the source of inspiration behind our unique Vinotherapie Spa by Caudalie®. There, you will be able to benefit from the extensive research of luxury care brand Caudalie®, whose speciality is to extract all the age-fighting, slimming and moisturizing properties of grapes. Pick and choose from reflexology massages, essential oils bath and day retreats to alleviate the daily stress that has been bottling up for months on end. As part of your special spa day, you will have privileged access to our whirlpool bath, hammam and thermal bath to unwind, all in a wooden roofed and watercolor painted environment inspired by the Loire Valley castles’ splendor and its surrounding natural beauty.


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