Le Favori has turned 1 Michelin star

With Le Favori due to open in September 2022, Frédéric Calmels can count his lucky stars.


We are delighted to announce that our gourmet restaurant Le Favori* and Chef Frédéric Calmels have been awarded their first Michelin star.

The announcement came on 22 March 2022. Le Favori, run by Chef Frédéric Calmels, has been awarded the precious grail by the Michelin guide, at the famous star ceremony.

In the heart of the Loire Valley, on the border between the gardens of France and the forest of Sologne, Frédéric Calmels offers a cuisine in which the world of plants regains its letters of nobility.

Just as the dining room is open to nature, Frédéric Calmels finds his inspiration in the wild, nourishing land that welcomes him. His cuisine respects the living, the human and the vegetable, in osmosis with the people of the land, gatherers, breeders, fishermen, craftsmen and artists of the region.

On the plate, the Chef highlights vegetables and mushrooms, combined with rare herbs, plants and spices. His dishes are accompanied by fish and game meticulously selected from the west of France.

The cuisine is pure, slender and complex, with an apparent simplicity. In this soothing, inspiring setting, harmony and balance reign supreme. The personality is assertive, with controlled risk-taking, dancing acidity, deep sauces and juices giving depth to the compositions.


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