Welcome to the bees

They are arrived last week on full board for an indefinite period of time and their song buzzes in our ears... you see who we are referring to? The bees come diversifying the ecosystem of the Sources de Cheverny!

The Bee Barn - our 6-bedroom house located in the south of the estate and ready to welcome large and happy families - could not exist without welcoming in its gardens eponymous black and yellow residents.

These are 9 hives which took place in the green spaces of the Sources de Cheverny last Thursday, to boost our ecosystem, pollinate our flowers and fruit trees and supply the hotel with honey. Don't worry, the hives have been installed at a safe distance so that the bees are not disturbed by our activity and our customers are not drawn out of their nap by their gentle buzzing!

You can see from a distance that each of the hives has a different colour. Each hive has been painted in a unique colour - yellow, red, pink, blue, purple - so that their little tenants can see the colour of the hive. are more easily identified their home. Indeed, after having gathered as much as it wants, the bee does not return randomly to the first hive that comes along but belongs precisely to a colony and therefore a hive. And when there are several hives in a garden, like ours, it is important to distinguish them by colour.

The diversity of the local flora allows us to produce a variety of honey which will evolve with the seasons. In early spring, we have a clear, slightly white honey, thanks to the willows, dandelions and sloe trees in the area. In May, this creamy colour will slowly give way to a clear and translucent honey, produced with the help of the precious flowers of the acacia trees that populate our countryside. Finally, in summer we can enjoy the last honey of the season browner and fuller-bodied. After July, the rest of the harvest will be for the bees to feed them during the winter.

To our dear guests, you can find our honey from the Sources for sale in the hotel shop.

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