For many months now, a team of professionals has been working tirelessly at the estate in Breuil, to bring to life Alice and Jerome Tourbier’s vision and create Les Sources de Cheverny.. Yves Collet, the historic architect from our Palace des Vignes Les Sources de Caudalie in the region of Bordeaux has been working alongside them, as well as the design studio Be-Poles who is in charge of the interior design.

We loved listening to Yves Collet talk of his inspiration and we would like to share with you the secrets of his designwhich has managed to portray his very own modern style and the regional charm of the area.

A vibrant place, full of history

The idea for this project obviously derived from the great success of the first Palace des Vignes Les Sources de Caudalie. This estate is also a favourite for the Loire Valley region and Breuil, that has been transformed little by little over the years by each of its owners. It is important to take into account both the past and present of the place and to ensure its identity is preserved rather than transformed. In purchasing a whole estate that is divided into different parts, including the areas that the previous owners had cast off as farming buildings such as the storehouse or the farm, Alice and Jerome Tourbier have revived these historic buildings, giving them a second lease of life. For some buildings, their new purpose came naturally, it was obvious. The former storehouse would become the gourmet restaurant, and the farm would be turned into rooms and suites.

An architectural promenade would be created, winding around the whole estate.

The vastness of the estate inspired Yves Collet to see it in a whole new light. To go beyond a place dotted with buildings, each with their own specific purpose, it was necessary to create a connection between each one. The idea was to design an architectural promenade which would make people want to go for a walk and really get to know the estate as a whole. This inviting path firstly links Château du Breuil, to the brand-new reception building, The Heart of the Springs. Then, after passing by the apple grove, the path leads to the suites. In this charming part of the estate full of fruit trees, are two stone and wood houses resembling farmhouses, The House of Flowers and The Fruit House. A little further on, La Grange aux Abeillescan be found on the outskirts of this little hamlet, rounding it off perfectly. The different houses form a comforting cocoonin this welcoming and intimate area of greenery..

The Loire Valley as a source of inspiration

Each new building was carefully designed with its purpose in mind, and to work together in perfect harmony with the others. Materials from the local area, such as zinc or natural slate. The roofing resembles that of the surrounding villages and blends perfectly into the local landscape. Inspiration from the heritage sites of the Loire Valley, together with Yves Collet’s aesthetic vision, produce a warm and inviting result, with a contemporary feel.

Each of the recent elements was designed to blend perfectly with the historical aspects. This is the case for Le Spa des Sources adjoining the Château for example. The choice of wood was an obvious one here since it echoes the existing wooden beams and therefore doesn’t create a mismatch of materials. The architectural design is therefore an extension of the existing elements. However, even if the volumes and materials remain similar, there is a modern touch which really transforms the place. The two aspects come together perfectly. The wood also comes from the local area as our woodworker works with old recycled wood. It is reworked so that it fits with our architect’s vision of the wooden beams.

He wanted to create a unique and one-of-a-kind place at the heart of the Loire Valley. A place that echoes the peaceful atmosphere of Les Sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux. Every month until the opening date, you'll have an exclusive opportunity to come and discover our inspirations. We will tell you all about where the heart and soul of our estate came from!

Would you like to experience the opening of Les Sources de Cheverny at the same time as our teams, who are very much looking forward to welcoming you? The wait is finally over, our website and bookings are now open on Come and see us in the region of the Châteaux of the Loire, land of wine and history. An unforgettable natural and cultural experience awaits you.

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