Le Favori

Gourmet restaurant

Wednesday-Sunday : 7:30pm-9:30pm
Saturday & Sunday : 12:30pm-1:45pm

Seize the moment and let your senses guide you

Welcome to the heart of the Loire Valley, between the gardens of France’ and the Sologne forest. Our restaurant, Le Favori, stands magnificently at the heart of the estate, as did its homonym at the Court of Versailles, in this region characterised by its châteaux.

Like the dining room, which opens out onto the natural landscape, Frédéric Calmels finds his inspiration in this life-giving and wild land that has welcomed him. His cuisine is one that respects life: both human and plant. In his menus, the chef focusses on vegetables, which he combines with unusual herbs and spices. Central to his dishes, they are accompanied by fish and game meticulously chosen from the west of France.

Running et détente – du 1er au 4 avril 2022

Profitez du weekend du marathon de Cheverny pour trouver la course à pieds adaptée à votre niveau : joggeur du dimanche ou marathoniens confirmés, ne pensez plus à rien sauf à votre préparation, notre équipe s'occupe du reste !

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