Delicious home-cooking

Open every day from 12:15pm to 1:45pm and 7:15pm to 9:45pm


It is 7pm. You’re starting to feel a bit peckish, it’s almost time for a traditional yet modern dinner at L’Auberge!

Inside the stone walls you’ll find a rotisserie grill, a superb fireplace and a magnificent open-plan kitchen unit decorated with white tiles. Here, authentic culinary traditions go hand-in-hand with the most contemporary of tastes. At this fantastic establishment, the starters and desserts are given just as much importance as the main courses. Because here, we know that presentation is key!The atmosphere is always warm and friendly, just like the mismatched tableware and solid wood tables that provide a traditional country ambiance.

Noël aux Sources de Cheverny

Cette année, célébrez Noël aux Sources de Cheverny pour un séjour sous le signe de la détente et de la nature. On s’occupe de tout pour vous !

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