Delicious home-cooking

Open every day de 12h à 14h et de 19h à 22h


It is 7pm. You’re starting to feel a bit peckish, it’s almost time for a traditional yet modern dinner at L’Auberge!

Inside the stone walls you’ll find a rotisserie grill, a superb fireplace and a magnificent open-plan kitchen unit dressed in white tiles: here, authentic culinary treasures rub shoulders with more contemporary gustatory pleasures. At this table of gourmets, the small dishes are tasted with the same delectation as the big ones. Because, as you know, we have a sense of showmanship and showmanship! The atmosphere is always good-natured and friendly, just like the mismatched tableware and solid wood tables that provide a traditional country ambiance.

Enracinement et ancrage – Albane et Emmanuelle

Albane et Emmanuelle, coachs holistique et intuitive vous accompagnent le temps d'un week-end, pour retrouver l'harmonie dans votre vie et votre épanouissement personnel, à travers le programme complet "Enracinement & Ancrage".

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