Some rooms offer woodwork, fireplaces and a noble atmosphere, others have a certain woody warm elegance and bohemian chic, but a pleasurable stay lies behind every door. Staying at Château du Breuil, you’ll be surrounded by shades of green, reminiscent of leaves, wood and bark, alluding to the metamorphosis of the forest through the seasons. Your nights at The Hameau du Marais in the Maison des Fleurs and Maison des Fruits are decorated with a more artistic approach, with a blue-green background, inspired by the expressionist paintings that are depicted.

The Supérieure rooms are our first category located in Château du Breuil and the Maison des Fleurs and Maison des Fruits. Warm and cosy they give us the sensation of feeling at home.

The chambres Prestige, quant à elles, sont les chambres les plus emblématiques de la Maison, réparties au Château, au Hameau du Marais, à La Maison des Fruits, ainsi qu’à La Maison des Fleurs et à La Grange aux Abeilles. Une merveilleuse fenêtre ouverte sur les bois en lisière de forêt, et un dépaysement bucolique aux parfums de promenade entre lac, vergers et vignes de Romorantin.


Castle life in the family

What if you lived the life of a château in the best possible way? The Loire Valley has so much to offer.
Take advantage of a two-night stay to get away from it all and discover an exciting region full of UNESCO World Heritage treasures: time to explore the magnificent historic castles reflected in the Loire. The opportunity to share unique moments and to live new experiences with your family.

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