The Favourite turned Michelin star

Le Favori, run by Chef Frédéric Calmels, was awarded the precious grail by the Michelin Guide at the famous star ceremony.

In the heart of the Loire Valley, on the border of the gardens of France and the forest of Sologne, Frédéric Calmels offers a cuisine where the plant world finds its letters of nobility.

Just like the dining room, which is open to nature, Frédéric Calmels finds his inspiration in the wild, nourishing land that welcomes him. His cuisine respects the living, the human and the vegetable. On the plate, the Chef highlights vegetables, which are combined with rare herbs and spices. To complete the experience, one can enjoy the precious nectars of his dishes, they are accompanied by fish and game meticulously chosen in the Great West of France.

Originally from Aveyron, Frédéric Calmels has worked in prestigious establishments such as the Senderens restaurant, La Table du Lancaster, and La Tour d'Argent. These experiences enabled him to climb the ladder in the various brigades he encountered and to discover his own style. He then spent six years working alongside Jérôme Banctel. First, as Sous-Chef of Le Gabriel restaurant at La Réserve Paris, then as Executive Chef of Le Loti restaurant at La Réserve Geneva. In 2020, Frédéric joined Alice and Jérôme Tourbier at Les Sources de Cheverny. He found in Les Sources de Cheverny and the Loire Valley region a true place of inspiration. This is what nourishes his creativity and allows him to sublimate local, fresh and seasonal products.

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